“Life is an art that cannot be summarized with words. Death either.”

– Riccio

Riccio is revolutionizing the way we remember the loved one, the love we feel for him or her, by illustrating on a canvas the continuation of their very mysterious journey. In June 2017, following the loss of the father of a close friend, Riccio had a mystical intuition still misunderstood to this day. That was the moment when he asked his friend to give him a part of the ashes of the deceased to integrate them in a canvas with respect and according to a precise and meticulous protocol. This extraordinary innovation of paying tribute to the departed one changes the way of perpetually keeping them in our heart and the trace of their experience by integrating it all in an artistic piece signed Riccio, signature of prestige and recognized by his peers. In May 2018, having patented the concept, RICCIO was born.

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In memory the family receives, with the Riccio creation, a certificate of authenticity. It is also possible to obtain the brushes used to paint the work as well as a video in a special box. The creation of several RICCIO is, of course, possible for the same family. Riccio can also customize a work to create, regardless of the demand.

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“I wish that the ways the things are done where we see only with the eyes of the body be replaced by a pure tribute. I wish to make the event a celebration of the continuity of life lived through a new life. I want to make the mourning more sensitive to what is. I wish to see the interiority of the disappeared in all its beauty expressed by vibrant colors and the movement of the brush guided by the inspiration of the moment. A Riccio canvas must be contemplated with the eyes of the heart. Death is a rebirth in a mysterious life worthy of respect. ”

– Riccio

To underline the tribute, the trace of a life using a matter representing a being and to sublimate it through the art, to prolong the existence by the expression, beyond death …

Make this metamorphosis an event during which the family sees the transformation, keeps a trace on video, made with a chosen music and given to the loved ones:

– the canvas = the expression
– the video = the testimony
– brushes = customized instruments

The whole process is part of the sublimation of life and the trace of the experience through art and the expression that each family wants to give it.

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Q. Can I order more than one canvas for my family members?

A. Yes, you can order the desired amount of canvas.

Q. What are the available canvas measures?

A. The available measurements are (in inches) 16 × 20, 20 × 20, 24 × 24, 24 × 36, 36 × 36, 36 × 48, 48 × 48, 40 × 60, 48 × 72, 48 × 96. 30 × 72 and 36 × 72.

Q. Is it possible to use the complete ashes of the loved one?

A. Yes, for a canvas of a minimum of 36 × 48 and over.

Q. Do we see the ashes of the deceased?

A. No, the ashes are not visible.

Q. Can you ship the RICCIO canvas anywhere?

A. Yes, the delivery is international.

Q. Where do we send the ashes, how and how much?

A. ou can communicate with the RICCIO team at the email address: or at 514-792-4600.

Q. What is the delivery time?

A. Upon receiving the ashes of your loved one, you may consider 3 working days.

Q. Can we witness the deposit of ashes?

A. Of course, you can attend the deposit. The ceremony is also filmed.

Q. Can we drop the ashes ourselves?

A. Yes, you can deposit the ashes of your loved one.